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Know the BOM Type in SAP Business One: Template Type

know the BOM type

The Production BOM is the most commonly used BOM type in SAP Business One. However, apart from Production BOM, there are three other BOM Types available:

  • Sales BOM
  • Assembly BOM
  • Template BOM

In another article, BOM Type: Sales and BOM Type: Assembly have been discussed. In this article, we will explain about BOM Type: Template.

You can access the BOM Screen from the menu: PRODUCTION – BILL OF MATERIAL. In the BOM Screen, there is a BOM Type field which allows you to select the type of BOM.

A template BOM is a collection of items where the Parent Item is the first item on the list. It does not function as a BOM once added to a sales document. Instead, it acts as a list of items that are grouped together at the same time.

You can update the quantity of those items, swap items, or delete them in the BOM or the sales order. The components appear below the parent item as a list of items in a sales document.

The main difference between the Template BOM and Sales BOM is that, you cannot delete or change items in a Sales Order document with a Sales BOM.

In the Template BOM, the item used can be any item (Sales Item, Inventory Item, or Purchase Item), in contrast to the Sales and Assembly BOM, where the parent item must be a Sales Item.

Template BOM offers flexibility in selecting components for a product. It is ideal for situations where the exact components may not be known at the time of the sales order, or when the customer wants to choose the specific components.

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