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List of Document Type on SAP B1

SAP Business One Tips - STEM SAP Gold Partner Indonesia - List of Document Type on SAP Business One

When you generate a financial reports, or inventory reports somehow you’ll find various document type on it, such as: IN, PU, PD, JE, DP, etc.

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Document Type on SAP B1
List of Document Type on SAP B1

It was called document type.
Note that all of document type not stored on any table on SAP Business One.

Abbreviation Transaction Type
OB Opening Balance
BC Closing Balance
JE Journal Entry
DN Delivery
RE Return
IN A/R Invoice
IN A/R Invoice + Payment
IN A/R Reserve Invoice
IN A/R Debit Memo
IN A/R Invoice Exempt
IN A/R Bill
IN A/R Exempt Bill
IN A/R Export Invoice
DT A/R Down Payment Invoice
CN A/R Credit Memo
PD Goods Receipt PO
PR Goods Return
PU A/P Invoice
PU A/P Reserve Invoice
PU Internal Invoice
PU A/P Debit Memo
DT A/P Down Payment Invoice
PC A/P Credit Memo
IF Landed Costs
RC Incoming Payment
DP Deposit
DD Postdated Credit Voucher Deposit
PS Outgoing Payments
CP Checks for Payment
BT BoE – Deposit to Paid
SO Goods Issue
SI Goods Receipt
IM Inventory Transfer
ST Inventory Posting
MR Inventory Revaluation
PW Production Order
SI Receipt from Production
SO Issue for Production
JR Journal Reconciliation
CI Correction Invoice

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