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How to Customize the Search Bar Display in the Choose from List

customize the search bar display

When creating a Sales Order document, surely you need to input various data such as Business Partner, Item code, and more. For example, in the Business Partner Field, you can press the List Selection icon or the “Tab” key on the keyboard to open up List of Business Partners. In the List of Business Partners, there is a Search bar which can be used to find Business Partner data. By default, SAP will search for Business Partner codes that match the input in the Search Bar.

In SAP Business One, you can customize the search results from the Search Bar, such as changing the order of fields in the List of Business Partners. By following the steps below, you can customize the search results from the Search Bar to match the attributes of the Business Partner you are looking for, such as the Business Partner’s name. In the List of Business Partners, you can click on the Form Setting icon in the Toolbar menu. Then, List of – Settings display will appear.

If you want to search for a Business Partner based on the Business Partner’s name, you can change the order of the first field to BP Name.

Then click the Update button, close the List of – Settings view, and List of Business Partners view. Reopen List of Business Partners to see the changes in the List of Business Partners view.

Not only Business Partner’s Name, but you can also search for other attributes, for example Business Partner Group. To simplify the search, you can place the attribute you want in the first order field.

Now, you can search for Business Partner data based on the Business Partner’s name or the desired attribute. In addition to customizing the Search Bar search results for Business Partners, you can also customize search results for Items, Warehouses, and more.


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