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Emailing Documents After Add

Emailing Document After Add - SAP B1 Tips

Last time we’ve try to configure SAP Business One so it can automatically attached printed version of the document once it is added.

Now, you can also set SAP Business One to automatically e-mail a document once you’ve add it. To be able to do this, you must set up some things in SAP Business One.

At first you have to setup which type of mailer you want to use. Is it SBO Mailer or Outlook.
Go to : “Administration” – “System Initialization” – “General Settings

SAP_BusinessOne_Tips-STEM-Automatically Email Documents_01

Second, choose which are the documents you want SAP Business One to automatically e-mail after added. In this example, I choose only for Purchase Order.
Go to : “Administration” – “System Initializations” – “Print Preferences

SAP_BusinessOne_Tips-STEM-Automatically Email Documents_02

After the setup done, next time you create Purchase Order and save it, it will launch outlook program to send your email along with the document attached.

SAP_BusinessOne_Tips-STEM-Automatically Email Documents_03

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