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Utilize a System Queries on SAP

There’s a lot of SAP Business One standard features that sometimes unknown for many people or forgotten.

Did you know that there’s 66 ‘free queries’ that provided for you as a standard feature of SAP Business One?

Yeah, that 66 queries, can be useful for various purposes, such as aging invoice, inventory stock positioning, total sales amount, etc.

You can use all of the system queries, please take a look first, decide it, which query will be useful for you. That’s quick and better solution than starting over from 0 (zero) to make some query reports to analyze data.

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Please access on menu bar: SAP Business One Main Menu – Tools – Queries – System Queries

System Queries on SAP

Here’s full list of that system queries on standard SAP Business One:

1 30 Days’ Rev. and Gross Profit (Customer Comparison)
2 Aging of Payables Overdue (10-Day Interval)
3 Aging of Receivable Overdue (10-Day Interval)
4 Balance Due
5 Best Selling Items by Sales Amount
6 BP Bank Accounts Query
7 Checks for Payment in Date Cross Section Report
8 Credit Limit Deviation
9 Customer Receivables Aging with a 30-Days Interval
10 Customer Receivables by Customer Cross-Section
11 Customers by Receivables Overdue
12 Customers by Sales Amount
13 Customers Credit Limit Deviation
14 External Reconciliation by Due Date
15 External Reconciliation by Exact Sum
16 External Reconciliation by Sum (FC)
17 External Reconciliation by Transaction Number
18 G/L Account Location in Balance Sheets Templates
19 Goods Return Amount
20 Gross Profit Margin % (Year to Date)
21 GRPO Not Invoiced
22 House Bank Accounts Query
23 Inbound Inventory Value
24 Internal Reconciliation by Due Date
25 Internal Reconciliation by Exact Amount
26 Internal Reconciliation by Transaction Number
27 Inventory Days of Supply (By Warehouse)
28 Inventory Turnover
29 Inventory Turnover (By Item Group)
30 Inventory Turnover (By Item Warehouse)
31 Inventory Turnover for Last 6 Months
32 Inventory Value
33 Item Groups by Inventory Value
34 Locate Exceptional Discount in Invoice
35 Locate Journal Transaction by Amount Range
36 Locate Journal Transaction by FC Amount Range
37 Locate Reconciliation in Bank Statement by Row Number
38 Locate Reconciliation/ Row in Bank Statements by Exact Amount
39 Month-End Inventory Value for Last 6 Months
40 Monthly Average Fulfillment Days of Sales Orders by Customers
41 Monthly On-Time Delivery Rate by Number of Orders by Customers
42 My Open A/P Invoice
43 My Open A/R Invoice
44 My Open Inventory Transfer Requests
45 My Sales Orders Not Delivered
46 Number of Open Deliveries
47 Number of Open Sales Orders
48 Number of Open Sales Quotations
49 Number of Open Service Calls
50 Opportunity
51 Outbound Inventory Value
52 Purchase Order Not Received
53 Purchased Items by Purchase Amount
54 Revenue Versus Gross Profit for Last 6 Months
55 Sales Invoice
56 Sales Order
57 Sales Return Amount
58 SP Commission by Invoices in Posting Date Cross-Section
59 Total Payable Amount
60 Total Purchase Amount
61 Total Purchase versus Goods Return for Last 6 Months
62 Total Receivables Amount
63 Total Sales Amount
64 Transactions Received from Voucher Report
65 Vendors by Payables Overdue
66 Vendors by Purchase Amount

Note: On SAP Version 9.2 and above

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