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SAP Table as Crystal Report Data Source

Now we’ll let you know how to make the custom report with Crystal Report more easily.

Crystal Report can have SAP Table as Data source beside Query via Add Command features.
Table will display all fields available at those tables. If tables used as data source and there are additional field on related tables, the required step is only Verify Database.

  1. If you are using SQL Server as Database you can follow the steps as below:
    • Click OLE DB (ADO), then
    • Choose OLE DB for SQL Server, and choose Next
  2. Next, new windows will pop up and ask for Server, User ID and Password for SQL Server, and you should choose Database. And option Integrated Security usually never checked.
  3. If all field are correctly filled, windows like picture below will be popped up. And click Finish button.
  4. After Finish, new connection has been successfully created, now the connection can be used as usual.
    There are two methods to get data from this step, either use Add Command or Choose Tables, View, or Stored Procedure from dbo method (look picture below)This guide specially will explain the Tables method and how to Link it just like Join in a Query.
  5. Click [-] for Expand all of the Tables on the related database. Choose the needed tables and press [>] icon to move it to ‘Selected Tables’ and click Next (Please follow the picture below).
  6. After click Next, there are Link windows, please follow the steps as below.
  7. After all needed field linked (field which is needed to be linked, most likely Primary key of each tables, for further information please explore REF DB from SDK SAP), then the setup already finished.Press Finish button and continue to design the crystal reports as usual.

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