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Make Multiple Purchase Quotations / Purchase Orders at the Same Time from the “Purchase Request Report”

SAP Business One Tips Puchase Order from Purchase Request

Tips SAP Indonesia – Purchase Request is a purchase request from the company which, if approved, will be further processed to become Purchase Quotation / Purchase Order.

In SAP Business One there is a feature called Purchase Request Report’used to see Purchase Request that User / Employee created. In addition to viewing Purchase Requests, the feature also allows users to directly create several Purchase Quotation/Purchase Order.

Purchase Request Report is accessible from the Menu :

Purchasing – A/P > Purchasing Reports -> Purchase Request Report.

Select the desired criteria, then press OK, the information will appear according to the criteria selected.

  • Choose Type: [Item / Service]
    Item Type: For purchasing goods, can be filtered again according to Item Code, Preferred Vendor, Item Group, or Properties
  • Requesters allow only to view Purchase Request Documents, from certain Users, Employees, Departments, or Projects.
  • Other Information apart from Type and Requesters, Information can also be filtered from the Document Number, Document Date, and Date of Requirement.
  • Tick the Display Open Purchase Request Only to display only the Purchase Request documents that have not been processed
  • Tick the Display Purchase Request from MRP Only to display only Purpose Request documents from the MRP Process


Select all Items to be processed as Purchase Quotations / Purchase Orders, select Vendors and enter the required information such as prices or discounts.

Press the Create Button and Select Purchase Quotations / Purchase Orders. The message “target documents will be created automatically for the selected rows” will appear, to continue Press Yes.

Purchase Quotations / Purchase Orders documents will automatically be formed based on the selected data. These documents will be merged based on the Vendor chosen.


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