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Journal Entry Vs Journal Voucher

SAP Business One Tips - STEM SAP Gold Partner Indonesia - Journal Entry vs Journal Voucher on SAP B1

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Have you ever use journal voucher before?

Did you know the differences between Journal Entry and Journal Voucher? When is the right time to use a journal voucher or journal entry?

Let’s take a look.
The differences between Journal Entry (JE) and Journal Voucher (JV) is located in the effect of the value from the journal on the balance on the account.

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Journal Entry, when posted by user, it will be affected the balance of the account directly.

Journal Entry on SAP B1

But for Journal Voucher, when posted, it won’t be affected the balance of the account directly, it  will need a few more step to do before posting and affect the balance.

Journal Voucher on SAP B1

On Journal Voucher, you must be click “Post Voucher” button to finalize that journal to be posted directly on that account. If you haven’t pressed the button, your voucher will be forever stay as voucher only, not real posted yet.

Journal Voucher Ready for Posted

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