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How to Create Period and Volume Discount

SAP Business One Tips - SAP Gold Partner Indonesia - Period and Volume Discount

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Did you remember, about pricing on SAP Business One?

There are 4 type of pricing, from the basic way (common) to a very specific pricing.

1. Price Lists
2. Period and Volume Discount
3. Discount Groups
4. Special Prices for BPs

This time, we want to share about how to create a period and volume discount.

When the system searches for a price, it looks for the most specific type of price first. It will check from a special Prices for BPs then continue to check to Discount Group, until the last ‘stop’, that will be check on Price Lists.

We want to create a discount for amount period of time and volume. So if customer buy at the period that has been settled customer will get the discount and if customer buy the amount of product that has been settled , they will get the discount.

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This Is how we setup the discount :

    • First we open the Inventory  >  Price List  >  Period and Volume Discount
    • Input the Price List that we want to give discount , and then input the item that we want to give discount. After we input the item we double click on the row of item.


  • The Period Discount table will open. We input amount of period for discount and how much discount we will give to the customer if the buy the product from 29 March until 30 April.

    Period Discount Menu

  • We want to setup the discount for volume , double click on the row.
  • The Volume Discounts for Price List Table will open. We input the quantity and the discount. For example If Customer buy 4 items and they will get 7% discount. If they buy from 29 March until 30 April, their discount will be doubled based on Period Discount.
  • If they buy at the period of discount they get 5% and they buy 4 products they will get 7% , so the total discount is 12%.

Save the discount , the discount will be saved and applied.

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