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Find Your Price Source for Sales Document

SAP Business One Tips - STEM SAP Gold Partner Indonesia Find Your Price Source in Sales Document SAP B1

Pricing will always a popular topic when we talks about SAP Business One.

After we set the price list and discount for the item, for example: set the volume and period discount or special business partner discount. We make the sales order and we want to know, does the discount apply? And what discount does apply for the item? We can see that in Price Source at the table. How do we see the price source and make price source available to see?

First you open the Sales Order , and click on Form Settings

After the Form Settings is open , select the Table Format.

After that , we input “Price Source” on search , and then we select the checkbox for visible.

Finally,  we will able to see the price source and see what discount do apply for the item or business partner.

Price Source in Sales Detail

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