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Consolidate The Business Partner

SAP Business One Tips - Consolidate The Business Partner

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Already using SAP Business One, but still not sure and get a benefit from multi address delivery feature ? SAP Business One can facilitate it? Really?

So, if you ever have an experience where your invoice created for a lot of branch (with no same address) from one retail store, to another one, and the payment already submitted to the headquarter?

For another case, we talk about goods, are you still want to send a goods for a lot of branch with different address, and at the same time, the invoices already submitted to head office? SAP Business One will help you to combine multiple business partner as one consolidated relationship for make that purpose realized.

SAP_Business_One_Tips-STEM-Using Business Partner Consolidation on SAP B1_01

Choose option “Consolidating BP”. Choose “Payment Consolidation” for get a transaction for every business partner that already setup and grouped. So, if you choose option “Delivery Consolidation” the delivery process of your item or GRPO (from consolidated business partner) will be showing up for consolidating business partner.

For example:

SAP_Business_One_Tips-STEM-Using Business Partner Consolidation on SAP B1_02

You have 1 Head Office with 2 Concole Branch (Branch), that will be Branch A and Branch B, Head Office will be set as Consolidating BP for those two branch. So, on Business Partner Master Data, open your BP Branch A data then Branch B, after that, open tab Accounting, on tab General, please add a new one “Business Partner HO” as Condolidating BP, then click Update.

When we choose “Payment Consolidation” option, as a result, for every A/R Invoice document that created for different console branch, that will be assigned automatically to BP “Head Office” when payment document created.

SAP_Business_One_Tips-STEM-Using Business Partner Consolidation on SAP B1_03

This ‘combine’ and consolidate feature is also applies equally to business partner type: customer and vendor.

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